Case Studies

ELMSolutions have conducted operations on a number of different habitats including;

Blanket Peat-bog upland and lowland - as part of the LIFE+ eu funded project of restoring peatbogs by the removal of birch scrub and rhododendron invasive species. 

Woodland management including thinning and replanting - firewood and timber extraction conducted sensitively to preserve habitats.

Fenland restoration - scrub clearance and fenland cut and collect.

Carr woodlands - thinning.

River bank - meadow management.

River restoration - Installation of fascias, and biodegradable matting for erosion control and installation of coir matting for vegetation establishment. 

Pond creation and habitat enhancements - Creating vary types of pond and wetland habitats  

ELMS have carried out a number of contracts for a number of different organisations which vary greatly in size below are a number of the most notable case studies of works completed.

Humberhead Peatland NNR - LIFE+ peatland restoration Framework 2016/2017 - Natural England 

After being successful in a competitive tender process for Phase 2 of evapotranspiration reduction on Thorne and Hatfield Moors, ELMS were contracted to complete a number of areas of birch and rhododendron scrub clearance for Natural England. ELMS conducted the clearance of 150 Hectares of scrub clearance in challenging peatbog conditions, using low ground pressure machinery and motor manual clearance techniques. This included the clearance of approximately 25ha of thick impenetrable mature rhododendron which was flail to ground level using a tracked bobcat with forestry mulcher attachment and a Fecon 128 forestry mulcher. Compartments which were inaccessible to machinery including waterlogged areas were cleared using motor manual teams which stacked material and treated exposed stumps to reduce regrowth. 

The project was not without its difficulties but under the circumstances of the contract and the difficult conditions ELMS were pleased with the resulting clearance and are proud to have supplied this contract as part of the LIFE+ framework. 


Roudsea Woods and Mosses - LIFE+ peatland restoration framework 2016 and 2017 - Natural England 

ELMS were successful in tendering for consecutive years of Rhododendron regrowth spraying at Roudsea woods and Mosses NNR in Cumbria. With the successful completion of 68ha and 110ha of regrowth spraying across the site by ELMS teams we hope to be able to continue to combat the regrowth of rhododendron on the sites in years to come.  

Dinnington - Stream Restoration project - 2018 - Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

After successful tender for Phase 1 of the stream restoration project, ELMS were contracted to cut and chip birch and hawthorn scrub from a 300m bank to allow access for re-profiling works to take place to create a 2 stage stream system. After successful completion of Phase 1 ELMS were then asked to tender and subsequently invited to conduct restoration works to the newly formed stream system as part of Phase 3. Phase 3 of the project involved the installation of 400m of bio-matting on steep bank sides to stabilize the banks and allow for the natural regeneration of vegetation on the banks to natural stabilize them. We were also tasked to install 400m of brushwood fascias within the lower channel to prevent erosion of the lower channel banks and enable the lower channel to naturally regenerate vegetation. The final part of phase 3 was the installation of vegetation pallets to the inside of the formed meanders to introduce vegetation to stabilize the banks and spread natural across the channel system. The project in currently ongoing and results of the project will be included in this section when it has been completed.