Mechanised/ Manual Scrub and Vegetation Management

Sensitive land management operations Across Aquatic, Terrestrial and Marginal habitats. 

  • Scrub and vegetation management - Sensitive sites, Roadside and Woodland's. 

  • Invasive species control - Rhododendron removal and eradication, Japanese knotweed and Himalayan balsam 

  • Habitat surveys, enhancements, creation and restoration - Sensitive sites such as NNR's, SSSI's, SAC's, Peatlands, Moorlands and Woodland's.


Our operations including motor manual clearance and Low ground pressure mechanised clearance for larger more accessible clearance works.  

We also conduct follow up chemical treatment of scrub including knapsack spraying, We can advise on alternative methods of regrowth control if you favour an alternative approach to chemical treatment.