Peatland Restoration 

ELMSolutions are Specialists in Peatland restoration operations. Peatland restoration is of key importance for its value as a carbon sequestration habitat helping to meeting climate change targets around the world.


As part of our whole package approach to operations we can advise on management strategies, seek possible funding opportunities, implement management plans and undertake long term management. 

Peatland restoration operations we conduct include evapotraspiration reduction through clearance of unwanted vegetation. Clearance of invasive species such as rhododendron. installation of bunding and piling systems to maintain water levels. surveys of the land to advise on the best locations for bunding, piling and weir installation. 

Moorland Restoration 

Moorlands like peatbogs are a vitally important habitat not just for the species that live on them but for their carbon capture capabilities and flood control. Good quality well managed moorlands will help to contain water in higher catchment areas reducing flooding in the valleys as well as storing carbon to meet climate change targets. 


We offer solutions in moorland restoration ranging from the re-profiling of gully's, gully blocking with stone, wood, plastic and peat dams, covering of bare peat using brash, the planting of moorland species such as sphagnum and cotton grass as well as the management of moorland vegetation including molinia cutting and heather cutting using low ground pressure machines such as Green climber robo flails.