Erosion and scour control.

Natural erosion control is a cost effective and time effective soft engineering solution to erosion in many sectors. ELMSolutions can offer erosion control solutions for; infrastructure, rivers, ponds and reservoirs. Natural engineering is cheaper and time effective to install as-well as being cheaper and easier to maintain. Using natural vegetation to form the basis of control measures it is the best option to replace concrete and treated timber solutions. 


Our erosion solutions including using brushwood fascias, rock roll, FLEXmse and coir to form natural protection for; river, pond and reservoir banks, infrastructure embankments, pipeline erosion control and scour protection. 

Steep slope and Bank stabilisation 

Bank stabilisation using natural engineering is cost effective and aesthetically better than standard hard engineering solutions. Using natural solutions like FLEXmse vegetated bricks, coir, biodegradable matting or rock systems.

ELMSolutons can advise and implement bank stabilisation and support solutions to small garden projects and large infrastructure projects. Due to the flexibility of natural engineered solutions they can be easily and cost effectively installed on a small and large scale. 

Uses of these solutions are vast ranging from support for new habitat creation projects such as wetland and rivers, to railway and motorway embankment support, pond projects and general support for developments where changes in level are present. 


Sensitive river engineering works. Creation of natural form spillways reducing maintenance cots. Bank support services using rock roll and coir over hard engineered solutions like steel pilling and concrete. 

Fish passage creation and migration route enhancements for rivers including weir modifications and or removal and replacement.

Hydro-seeding and conventional seeding.

Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).