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River restoration and river bank stabilisation using coir matting to reduce erosion and create nature habitat


ELMS offer services for consultancy and contracting for soft engineering solutions to hard engineering requirements.

Natural Engineering

  • Rivers re-naturalisation - Narrowing, feature creation including riffles, bars, berms and Meanders. Habitat creation fish pools.

  • Bank and Slope stability - using coir rolls, rock roll, rock mattress and coir matting to support and stabilise slops and banks from slippage. ​

  • Erosion and scour protection - services including the use of coir, rock roll, rock mattress and rip rap to prevent erosion and scour protection on rivers, embankments, reservoirs, ponds and lakes.

  • Construction of green walls and soft engineered FLEXmse retaining walls.

  • Fish passage design and construction.

  • Weir removal and adaptation.

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