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ELMSolutions and Coronavirus

Over recent months, the way ELMSolutions operates has been affected, like many, by the pandemic. We have been unable to access worksites while organisations and Individuals deal with the changes that the virus has brought upon the way we in the sector can work. We have now returned to full operation with the following changes to keep you, your colleagues, loved ones and ourselves, safe. For each site we operate on, we are providing a supplementary risk assessment guided by government advice, discussing distancing and biosecurity measures to keep all site visitors and staff safe. All our staff are issued with additional PPE, including face masks and gloves, to wear at periods in the day when

Sedgebrook (Leicester) River Revetment

River restoration project for a Private client. More habitat for water voles, bank stability and erosion controlled, Utilising stakes and existing tree roots to keep natural bankside protection whilst the vegetated coir logs grow into the bank and none vegetated coir. There are Bullhead fish present in this brook so silt was observed and mitigated as a matter of priority. Testimonial from Client. From first contacting Gareth well over a year ago the communication, advice, time and expertise that him and the team have provided has been second to none. The first site visit provided me with a lot of confidence as their knowledge gave me security in needed to know I had found a reliable and comp