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Dinnington River Restoration Project (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust) Testimonial

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I have recently used ELMS for a stream restoration project on the Cramfit brook in Dinnington. The project aimed to create a more natural two stage channel from an existing steep sided drainage ditch. Over the course of the project we have created a more diverse stream channel and a wider range of marginal vegetation and wetland habitat across a more connected flood plain.

ELMS were awarded contracts for some site preparation work and channel revetment through a tendering process and proved to be good value for money.

Site preparation work included cutting and chipping dense bankside scrub to allow access for an excavator to complete the earth works. Gareth was very flexible to fit the work in with quite tight project timescales, completing the work to a good standard on time.

Following the earth works I was happy to work with Gareth and his team again. This phase of works involved installing revetments allowing the new channel to vegetate and establish as well as minimising the risk or any sediment inputs or erosion. We were keen for this work to take place as soon as possible following earth works allowing the new channel to establish quickly. Gareth was again very flexible to accommodate this and his team worked in often quite difficult conditions (“The Beast from the East”) to get the work done. I was very pleased with the results.

In all elements of our work but particularly wetland restoration biosecurity is a priority for us. With this in mind our contractors are asked to arrive with clean machinery to avoid any risk of introducing Invasive species to a site. All of ELMS vehicles and machinery arrived on site clean and in good condition.

I have had a very positive experience of working with Gareth and his team on the project and would be very happy to work them in the future.

Jamie McEwan (Living Landscapes Team Leader, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust)


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