• Mikael Trewick

ELMSolutions and Coronavirus

Over recent months, the way ELMSolutions operates has been affected, like many, by the pandemic. We have been unable to access worksites while organisations and Individuals deal with the changes that the virus has brought upon the way we in the sector can work.

We have now returned to full operation with the following changes to keep you, your colleagues, loved ones and ourselves, safe.

For each site we operate on, we are providing a supplementary risk assessment guided by government advice, discussing distancing and biosecurity measures to keep all site visitors and staff safe.

All our staff are issued with additional PPE, including face masks and gloves, to wear at periods in the day when the risk is greater, for example, arriving and leaving site and moving around focal points such as your workshops. Where possible, we keep our equipment separated for use only by an individual operative. This is an entirely separate requirement to the task specific PPE.

We encourage distance in interaction with you, our customer, reducing the need to meet face to face where possible utilising technology to keep you updated at a safe distance.

Our operators arrive separately where possible, unless the individual circumstances of the operators deem it necessary to car share. Masks, Gloves, thorough cleaning and good air flow through vehicles have been implemented, and rest breaks for food and water in outdoor settings at a distance to other members of the public taken where required. For now, we will not be sharing food and water facilities, as such we will no longer have a good supply of biscuits whenever you visit.

We hope you all stay safe, and consider us as usual to meet your management requirements.

Image: Covid-19 poster, additional to all health and safety standards already employed, highlighting our commitment to keeping everyone safe.

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