• Mikael Trewick

ELMsolutions Casual operator position (Winter 2020)

If you are looking to broaden your knowledge and gain further experience in working in the Conservation sector, joining us this Winter as part of our land team could be the next step in your career.

At ELMsolutions, we are advertising for individuals to join our team to undertake mechanised scrub control and moorland management works at the Humberhead Peatlands NNR near Goole (East Yorkshire), The Peak District (Primarily near Holmfirth, West Yorkshire) and the Yorkshire Dales National Parks, with the capacity to complete other works packages along the way in our diverse Land Management team.

We provide sensitive site management and Natural Engineering across England, working as contractors to Charities, Partnerships, and private landowners, utilising our breadth of knowledge to achieve the management aims of our clients to increase the diversity and quality of the habitats they protect.

As a skilled operator, we expect you to work with our Conservation Contracts Manager and varied size Land team on remote sites, safely and with timely consideration of our contract timescales. We expect you to hold a full driving licence and have use of your own car, hold a Valid Chainsaw licence with a minimum Endorsement for up to 380mm Felling with practical experience of operating in a workplace or volunteer setting, A valid First Aid Certificate for Outdoor working as an essential with the Forestry Endorsement as a desirable addition and excellent knowledge of Health and Safety Principles, Ecological understanding of Peatland and woodland habitats and a strong work attitude to achieve exceptional outcomes for the client. Further skills we would consider desirable are that of Operating Woodchippers and PA01/PA06aw. Our ideal candidate will have good physical abilities, as our sites are remote and difficult underfoot and proficient in the maintenance of our equipment.

We understand that in our sector you may hold multiple commitments to achieving employment, as such we can offer part-time flexibility and our pay rate is dependant on your experience.

If you would like to discuss this role, or submit your CV and covering letter, please do so at Admin@Elms-contracting.co.uk

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