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Meet the ELMsolutions Team

Gareth Trewick- Managing Director

Gareth began ELMsolutions Limited in 2013 as a way to provide skills he learned across habitats for multiple clients. Holding a BSc (hons) in Environmental conservation and Countryside management with the project "Effects of Vegetation type and density on water vole presence in intensive agricultural habitats". Gareth specialises in Natural Engineering of rivers and wetlands, while developing continuously to provide the best service and solutions for our clients.

Mikael Trewick- Conservation Projects Manager

Mikael joined in 2019, with 14 years charity conservation experience in roles across the country. Holding a BSc Honours degree in Countryside Management for his dissertation "Assessing Peatland Restoration: Testate Amoebae as a Biomonitoring tool", Mikael is particularly interested in the scientific reasoning behind practical works, and is enthusiastic about cutting edge ideas to exceed conservation outcomes.

Daniel Burnand - Land Management Operative

Dan is a longstanding member of the team, having joined from his previous post on the Humberhead Levels with Natural England in 2017, holding practical qualifications and knowledge of peatland and woodland habitats. Dan is the first to get stuck in, and takes pride in the work he does.

Alex Kirk- Land Management Operative

Alex joined the team in Autumn 2020 with previous experience volunteering with Natural England, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and the Derbyshire county council. In June 2020 he completed a Diploma in Countryside Management and Conservation, achieving a distinction. Alex's main interests lie with Rewilding and Local engagement.

John Franklin- Land Management Operative

John joined In late 2020 with his background in Outdoor education, Practical conservation with the National Trust and a Masters in Conservation and Biology, with his research on Grazing density and its impacts on wildflower populations in the Upper Wharfdale area. John is currently improving our GIS process while undertaking practical on site tasks. His other interests are Ecology, field studies and habitat management.

All our staff have a background in Countryside Management and individual interests in the Natural Environment, with a variety of practical and academic skill sets.

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