• Mikael Trewick

Roudsea Woods and Mosses

Over the past few weeks, one of the teams have been on Roudsea Woods and Mosses, Cumbria, on a repeat treatment of Rhododendron regrowth that is widespread on this large lowland raised mire and heath Site. ELMsolutions LTD were on the previous contract framework, and know the site exceptionally well. It was great to return and see how it'd changed, and it did not disappoint. With sightings of Osprey, Adder, Nightjar, Red Deer among the numerous recording of sundew, various thriving floating Sphagnum moss carpets, this sites a must visit for true bog lovers.

Unlike when we attended the previous contract, the obvious mulch mats and bund systems have given way to a large array of collapsed bunds, deep pools, floating vegetation and hidden mulch making for challenging terrain. However the teams site knowledge and the spraying GPX tracks of previous years helped gain access to areas seemingly impossible from road or path. Allowing for a 100% site walk for spot spraying of the target species. Difficult to achieve, even more so to remain entirely dry.

The weather was our biggest challenge, with temperatures rising above the application threshold on many of the days, forcing us to return later in the day when it'd cooled, and starting earlier to ensure we had time. Seemingly doing the opposite on some of the other days with rain preventing us even starting. We pushed on when the weather allowed, knowing that a good walk over and treat this year would reduce the regrowth as it had done in previous years. Pleasing Natural England and hopefully upsetting the Buzzards, who had been eyeing us up all contract for dinner.


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