• Gareth Trewick

ELMSolutions 2020 Recap

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

A snapshot of the year at ELMSolutions so far. A massive array of works have been undertaken by the ELMSolutions team over 2020.

Works ranging from Peatland restoration including spraying of Rhododendron regrowth, sphagnum plug planting and scrub clearance works.

River restoration works included the installation of erosion protection on a river to improve bank stability and to increase water vole habitat.

We also created an area of willow tit and nightjar foraging habitat.

The green climber has been out showing its extreme levels of capability including works to reduce gorse cover and allow for restoration of hillside meadow habitats and tree plating. It has been up on the moors reducing Molinia and heather coverage to help to restore the moorlands natural habitat. Its also been conducting various restoration works for local friends of groups including grassland restoration, scrub reduction, rail embankment mowing and access improvements.

This year for the winter season we have also taken on additional team members. Welcome to the ELMSolutions team to Daniel, Amy, Alex and John.

Until next catch up, we continue to plan for exciting projects to come.

ELMSolutions team.

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