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Man carries out an ecological peatland survey of a Yorkshire Moorland

and Monitoring

Understand the processes and presence of features and wildlife on your site with our exploratory and habitat surveys.

Moorland Exploratory and Restoration Surveys

Whether it's a site habitat and health overview or a deep dive into peatland restoration ELMS have experienced surveyors who are also trained restoration practitioners. Meaning we can provide ecological surveys with restoration suggestions that you can be confident can be delivered.

Erosion of peatland gully system, hundreds of years of peat visible, peat probe showing the depth of the erossion

Peatland Survey

  • Surveying habitats for restoration including practical management feasibility studies

  • Creating, updating and monitoring against management plans​

  • Consultations for change of land use

  • Species specific surveying and monitoring

River Restoration 4.jpg

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Gloves holding a Beetle on a Yorkshire Moorland

Species and Habitat Surveying

ELMS offer ecological consultancy services delivered by our in-house ecologists. Whether it's a protected species survey for mitigation purposes or a Phase One / UKHabs habitat classification survey we have the experience to deliver your project requirements.

Species Survey Services

  • Protected species surveys including Great crested newts and bats

  • Other surveys included; Water voles, otter, cray fish, reptiles and small mammal surveys.

River and Wetland Surveys

Our qualified surveyors and consultants can undertake design, planning and project delivery for river restoration, wetland and flood management projects including naturalising of river channels and design and implementation of habitat enhancement works for flood management.

Beautiful river bank being surveyed to assess the ecological value of the site

River and Wetland Survey Services

  • River restoration surveys and design planning

  • Flood risk surveys

  • Topographical and land surveys

  • Land use surveys

  • Exploratory surveys

  • River habitat accredited surveyors

River Restoration 4.jpg

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