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Case Studies

ELMSolutions have conducted operations on a number of different habitats including;

  • Blanket Peat-bog upland and lowland - as part of the LIFE+ eu funded project of restoring peatbogs by the removal of birch scrub and rhododendron invasive species. 

  • Woodland management including thinning and replanting - firewood and timber extraction conducted sensitively to preserve habitats.

  • Fenland restoration - scrub clearance and fenland cut and collect.

  • Carr woodlands - thinning.

  • River bank - meadow management.

  • River restoration - Installation of fascias, and biodegradable matting for erosion control and installation of coir matting for vegetation establishment. 

  • Pond creation and habitat enhancements - Creating vary types of pond and wetland habitats  

Humberhead Peatland NNR - LIFE+ peatland restoration Framework 2016/2017 - Natural England 

Roudsea Woods and Mosses - LIFE+ peatland restoration framework 2016 and 2017 - Natural England