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Scrapes in soil by excavator to form a lowland bog and create habitat for wading birds

Surveys and consultancy

Whether you need to understand the processes and presence of features and wildlife on your site or you require the creation of a mitigation framework, ELMS have in-house ecologists who can help to deliver your project goals.

Surveys and Monitoring

Understand the processes and presence of features and wildlife on your site with our exploratory and habitat surveys.

Our services include:

  • Moorland Exploratory and Restoration Surveys

  • woodland and forestry surveys

  • River and Wetland Surveys

Man carries out an ecological peatland survey of a Yorkshire Moorland
Man travels across rough ground while navigating through invasive rhododendron in a Derbyshire woodland

Invasive Species Surveys

ELMS have experience in large scale treatment of invasive non-native species (INNS).

We can survey and advise on treatments and management plans for invasive species as well as implement control measures such as chemical, mechanical and hydrological.

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River and Wetland Consultancy​

River habitat accredited surveyors. ELMS Ltd are qualified to engage with clients on river and wetland projects from the very start, with qualified surveyors and consultants who can undertake design, planning and project delivery for river restoration, wetland and flood management projects including naturalising of river channels and design and implementation of habitat enhancement works for flood management.​

Our services include:

  • ​River restoration surveys and design planning

  • Flood risk surveys

  • Topographical and land surveys

  • Land use surveys

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