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Rhododendron removeal on Cumbrian lowland peat bog Duddon Moss


Peatlands are the UK's biggest carbon sinks, locking up carbon dioxide in acidic waterlogged conditions as the iconic Sphagnum Mosses and surrounding species of moorland vegetation grow. With additional benefits such as water retention, flood alleviation and for recreation, Peatlands are of large scale benefit as we tackle climate change.

Peatland and Moorland Restoration

ELMS are experienced consultants and contractors in habitat restoration for sensitive sites and difficult access sites across upland and lowland SSSIs, NNRs, wet woodlands, steep woodlands and areas of ecological and historical sensitivity.

With our extensive moorland knowledge, we offer a wide range of restoration services and advice, contact us for more information on how we can help restore your peatland.

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Peatland Restoration Services

  • Consultation, feasibility, hydrological, ecological and works planning.

  • Habitat rewetting, reprofiling, gully blocking and bunding.

  • Sphagnum Moss and vascular species planting.

  • Heather brash spreading.

  • Purple Moor-Grass (Molinia Caerulea) and Heather mowing.

  • Rhododendron cutting, spot spraying or complete removal.

  • Tree and scrub thinning and removal.

  • Lowland Blanket Bog rewetting using bunds and cells.

  • Removal of plantation and levelling of furrows.


Mechanised / Manual Scrub and Vegetation Management

Low ground impact and compaction is essential to all works on peat, at ELMS we employ a mix to techniques to access all aspects of site.


We know each site is different and often have complicated access restrictions, we are experienced with a range of machinery to ensure the right tool is used for the job.

Scrub and Vegetation Control Services

  • Motor manual chainsaw and clearing saw scrub control. ​​

  • Low ground impact mulching using:

    • Remote controlled low ground pressure LV500 Green Climber Mulcher

    • FECON and Bobcat mounted mulch heads. ​

  • Removal/ movement of materials using:

    • Wide tracked, LGP Excavator

    • Argocat 8x8 Magnum

    • Wide tracked dumpers tracked wheelbarrow

    • ​Chemical treatment of scrub including knapsack spraying

  • Alternative methods of regrowth control if you favour an alternative approach to chemical treatment.

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