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Conservation restoration of a river bank to improve habitat and reduce erosion

Environmental Groundworks and Natural Engineering 

Specialist contractors for Peatland, River Restoration and Forestry Groundworks. 

Peatland Restoration

ELMS specialise in peatland restoration techniques, from planting moss and vascular plants, hydrological measures such as gully and grip blocking, to bare peat stabilisation and reseeding.


With our specialist low ground pressure equipment, experienced operators and historic work across the countries peatland partnerships from Cornwall to Northumberland, we can deliver a series of measures that help to restore these sensitive habitats and encourage them back to favourable condition.

Creation of a pond to improve natural habitat as part of conservation works

Rivers, Wetlands and Ponds

ELMS Ltd can consult and implement projects for the restoration, enhancement and creation of River, wetland and pond habitats.

Using in house ecologists and experience in conservation, civil engineering and environmental sectors we can offer a solution that fits your requirements. Ranging from ecological mitigation, landscape and catchment wide flood alleviation, habitat enhancement and sustainable urban drainage solutions.

Natural Engineering

We can provide consultancy and contracting services for soft engineering solutions to hard engineering requirements.


Our services include:​

  • Bank and Slope stability

  • Erosion and scour protection 

  • Construction of green walls

  • Soft engineered FLEXmse retaining walls

  • Fish passage design and construction

  • Weir removal and adaptation​


Natural Flood Management

Natural flood management uses soft engineering techniques to slow water passage through catchment areas to reduce flooding in other areas. The correct use of natural flood techniques can not only reduce flooding throughout catchments but can also increase healthy water quality and wildlife habitats.


Our services include:

  • Tree planting in buffer zone by rivers 

  • Leaky dam design, advice and installation.

  • Bunding works to contain water and slow water flow.

  • Wetland scrapes and ponds on flood zones to increase water volume within the catchment.

Forestry groundworks 

We can provide contracting service for forestry related ground works.


Our services include:​

  • Ground preparation for woodland and forest creation and expansion 

  • Access route, tracks and recreational route creation. 

  • Access infrastructure 

  • Clearance works and arising management. 

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