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Rhododendron removeal on Cumbrian lowland peat bog Duddon Moss

Woodland and Forestry 

Woodlands and forestry site are important elements in the fight against both climate change and the biodiversity crisis. At ELMS we offer a full service relating to woodland and forestry creation and management. 

Forestry and woodland groundworks 

ELMS are experienced contractors in woodland and forestry related sites. 

We can offer a full suite of services related to forestry and woodland groundworks. 

  • Ground preparation and brash management.

  • Access route construction and maintenance. 

  • Drainage and infrastructure, including culverts and bridges.

woodland planting.jpg

Forest and woodland creation and management 

  • Ground preparations for new woodland and forestry sites. 

  • Tree and woodland planting 

  • Maintenance of planted trees.

  • Felling and processing of wood products, including coppice and timber.  


Mechanised / Manual Scrub and Vegetation Management

Low ground impact and compaction is essential to all works on peat, at ELMS we employ a mix to techniques to access all aspects of site.


We know each site is different and often have complicated access restrictions, we are experienced with a range of machinery to ensure the right tool is used for the job.

Scrub and Vegetation Control Services

  • Motor manual chainsaw and clearing saw scrub control. ​​

  • Low ground impact mulching using:

    • Remote controlled low ground pressure LV500 Green Climber Mulcher

    • FECON and Bobcat mounted mulch heads. ​

  • Removal/ movement of materials using:

    • Wide tracked, LGP Excavator

    • Argocat 8x8 Magnum

    • Wide tracked dumpers tracked wheelbarrow

    • ​Chemical treatment of scrub including knapsack spraying

  • Alternative methods of regrowth control if you favour an alternative approach to chemical treatment.

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