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A team of people planting sphagnam moss on a Yorkshire moorland


ELMS have built a reputation for providing considered solutions suitable for the most sensitive of sites.

Land Management Specialists

Our team have experience across a multitude of habitat types, iconic and vital to our natural environment, be it Scrub Control in the Peak District, Natural Flood Management (NFM) across Derbyshire, Cell Bunding on Bodmin Moor, Invasive Species Control on the River Calder and Gully Blocking in West Yorkshire.


We have also Halo-Thinned around Sherwood forests Ancient Oaks, planted Sphagnum around the historic landscape of Ilkley Moor and protected neolithic trackways on the Humberhead Levels.

Your project goals are met with the utmost of care and efficiency when you choose to work with our us.

Halo Thinning of ancient oak trees in Sherwood Forest
Willow tit and nightjar_edited.jpg

Woodland and Forestry services

ELMS carry out various woodland and forestry services including habitat restoration for species such as willow tit. opening up dense canopy cover for ground flora and restoration of natural forest ecosystems.

With our specialist low ground pressure equipment, experienced operators and extensive work with organisations ranging from private land owners to government organisation, we can tailor our operations to suite your requirements. 

Vegetation Management

ELMS provide services to manage vegetation, be that using machines, the hands of our skilled operators or where necessary, chemical.


We are experienced in scrub clearance, INNS and Woodland thinning to improve condition, contact us to discuss the options available to you.

Tree Shears Rhody - Matlock - FE_med.jpg
Invasive rhododendron is burnt after manual motorised clearance of a lowland peat bog on Duddon Moss in Cumbria

Invasive Species (INNS)

ELMS have experience in large scale treatment of invasive non-native species.

We can survey and advise on invasive species as well as implement motor and manual control measures.

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Do you have a project that could require ELMS Ltd's commitment to nature's recovery?

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